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PrecisionTree Customer Testimonials

I found it very easy to use and learn.
Vikas Mehra, Project Manager, Citigroup

We needed a set of practical, comprehensive, broadly applicable tools to anticipate what the problems might be. I think we have that now, and @RISK and PrecisionTree are really key components in that set of tools. They are easy to learn, and they allow us to enter reasonable ranges of possible values rather than fixed estimates. It’s an effective approach to minimizing the risks of disease in our efforts to conserve endangered species.
Dr. Douglas Armstrong, Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha NE

Palisade Corporation's DecisionTools Suite continues to represent an integral component of my Decision Sciences courses. I have enjoyed showing my students how to build effective, relevant and realistic models using this easy-to-understand software. In particular, PrecisionTree has enabled my students to create decision trees within a spreadsheet environment. Nodes and branches can be inserted quickly and efficiently. The variety of sensitivity analyses available within this package (tornado charts, two-way sensitivity regions, and so forth) provides my students with the opportunity to understand model results.
Dr. Keith A. Willoughby, Dept. of Management, Bucknell University

PrecisionTree's attraction is its capacity to value complex decisions, which often involve multiple, sequential decision steps. We considered using financial option calculators to analyze the real options that are embedded in our complex decisions, but we found that they simply can't solve for the real option value in projects with multiple, sequential investment decisions. Decision trees are really the only tool that can correctly value multiple sequential decisions where uncertainty is private risk. PrecisionTree has been very useful in helping us break complex projects down into individual decision options, helping us understand the uncertainties, and ultimately helping us make superior decisions.
Bob Hunt, Associate Director for Investment Analysis, Procter & Gamble Corporate Finance

I have used the whole range of products under the DecisionTools umbrella, and cannot speak highly enough of the quality, power and flexibility of the entire software suite. For example, @RISK and PrecisionTree have been applied to risk assessments for oil and gas projects, modelling of extreme environmental loads, as well as evaluation of biological and food-related hazards. I have yet to find a risk problem I could not handle with the software!
Dr.Gus Cammaert, Senior Consultant with DNV, Aberdeen, Scotland

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