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Dr. Dale F. Cooper
Areas of Expertise: Capital investment analysis, Construction, Defense, Engineering, Facilitation, Performance audit, Project economics and financial evaluation, Public utilities, Risk management processes and training, Risk modeling, Strategic planning. 
Dr. Dale Cooper is a highly skilled risk management consultant, trainer and facilitator, accredited by the NSW Government. He has significant international experience in the conduct of risk management assignments for large public and private sector projects in a variety of business areas, including the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, large energy and resource projects and major defense procurements. He also provides in-house training in risk management.
Dr. Dale F. Cooper
Broadleaf Capital Intl
23 Bettowynd Road
Pymble, NSW 2073


Mr. Paul Grundy
Areas of Expertise: Oil & Gas, Defense, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Information Technology, Transportation, Construction, Financial, and Telecommunications sectors of industry and government departments
Paul Grundy is the director of Euro Log, the UK's longest established consultancy specializing in the practical application of Project Risk Management.  In 1975, Euro Log introduced the principles of Project Risk Management into British industry and have led the field in Europe in providing comprehensive decision support at all stages of the product life-cycle.  They also address Business Risk Management, a vital area of concern for those who have to translate the strategic planning of an organization into effective actions.  Euro Log's approach to all aspects of decision support combines the benefits of proven analytical techniques with those of a practical solution-based process for tackling problems.
Mr. Paul Grundy
Euro Log Decision Support Services
127 avenue de la  Republique
92120 Montroughe
FRANCE tél bureau tél mobile


Mr. Robert Heuberger
Areas of Expertise: Financial Modelling, Risk Analysis, Decision Tree Analysis, Optimisation and Acquisition Analysis in all sectors including mining, manufacturing and general trade.
Robert Heuberger studied Physics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Witwatersrand and then took up Operations Research at UNISA (University of South Africa). He has had a wealth of experience building and analysing project evaluation models in the Mining and Chemical Industries in SA as well as modelling projects in diverse enterprises. During his UK career, the author became an expert in building Merger and Acquisition models. Most of these models incorporated Risk Analysis. Robert has lectured on Financial Modelling at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and at the Witwatersrand University GBS. Currently Robert is consulting on Financial Modelling with Risk Analysis projects in the mining, agriculture and insurance sectors in South Africa and internationally.
Mr. R. W. Heuberger
Principal Consultant
First Software (Pty) Ltd.
Cnr. William Nicol & Republic Road,
P.O. Box 805
Wendywood 2144
+27 11 285-0117
       +27 11 726-7725
       +27 73 598-6748 cell
+27 11 886-1381


HVR Consulting Services
Areas of Expertise: Engineering, Scientific, Management, Project Management
HVR Consulting Services is one of the UK's and North America's leading Risk/Project Management consultancies with over 15 years Risk management experience. HVR has been at the forefront of developing risk management methodologies and mature solutions for the proactive management of risk.

The Risk Management Group provides wide experience in a number of engineering, scientific and management disciplines, together with expertise in the application of risk assessment and management techniques at both project and business levels within a variety of industrial sectors. The entire risk management process including identification, qualitative assessment, quantitative analysis, response planning, and control and management is supported by HVR-CSL's Risk Management Group. This process can be applied to all stages of the project lifecycle, from concept evaluation, feasibility study, project definition, development, implementation, operation and disposal. The process also applies equally to assessment of risk in achieving business objectives.

In addition to consultancy, the group provides support to organisations wishing to develop an in-house risk management capability, and also provides expert risk management training at a variety of levels.

HVR-CSL is also actively involved with Risk Management Training Courses and workshops, in addition to our presence at conferences and seminars. HVR-CSL has over 10 years experience in conducting Risk Management training courses. Training courses are also available for @RISK and Monte Carlo analysis methodologies..
Mr. Chris Maughan
HVR Consulting Services Ltd
Selborne House, Mill Lane
ALTON, Hampshire
GU34 2QJ

01420 87977
01420 89819


Dr. Marcos Huber Mendes

Especialidade: Tratamento, Modelagem e Avaliação do Risco em Empreendimentos, Negócios, Projetos e Processos; Análise Qualitativa e Análise Quantitativa do Risco; Simulação, Gerenciamento, Mitigação e Gestão do Risco; Capacitação para Tratamento do Risco.

Com a premissa de trabalhar com o cliente e não apenas para o cliente, Dr. Huber Mendes desenvolve programas de treinamento em Análise do Risco utilizando todos os softwares da Palisade e dados reais do cliente. Ele tem experiência de consultoria nas áreas de:

Óleo & Gás                                                   
Energia Elétrica;                                                   
Avaliação do Risco em Projetos        
Simulação e Otimização de Portfólios     
Planejamento Estratégico
Planos Atuariais e de Saúde                     
Estatística para Produtividade                                            
Redes Neurais e Lógica Fuzzy            
Risco em Estudos de Viabilidade Econômica e Financeira

Dr. Huber Mendes é Bacharel em Estatistica pela Ence/Ibge, tem mestrado em Planejamento e Análise de Sistemas pelo Inpe/Cnpq, mestrado em Engenharia de Produção pela Coppe/Ufrj e doutorado em Apoio à Decisão pela PUC/Rio com o desenvolvimento de modelos de Simulação e Otimização de Portfólios.

Consultor em estatística desde 1985, a partir de 1995 Dr. Huber Mendes começou a trabalhar com Análise do Risco. Em 2001, com o apoio institucional do Instituto Genesis da PUC/Rio, ele montou sua própria empresa a Decision Support, especializada no Tratamento do Risco e na Capacitação para o Tratamento do Risco.

Decision Support Ltda
Rua Marquês de São Vicente 225
Instituto Gênesis – PUC/Rio
22453-900  –  Gávea  –  Rio de Janeiro

+55 21 2541-3363
       +55 21 2541-3363
       Cell phone: +55 21 9608-5537


Mr. Regis Motta
Areas of Expertise: Mining, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Operations Research.
Regis Motta received his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul ) in 1974 and his master's degree in systems engineering and operational research at IME, Rio de Janeiro in 1978. He holds a Ph.D. in Mining Engineering from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, UK. Regis was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines, Colorado, USA in 1990. In 1995, he joined the Department of Mining Engineering, UFRGS, as an Adjunct Professor. In 1997, Regis was accepted on the selection exam as an Adjunct Professor of the Economics Engineering discipline at the Department of Industrial Engineering, at UFRJ ( Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro).

In 1991, Regis founded his own consulting firm, RM Consulting and Software, and has helped clients such as: PETROBRAS, Vale do Rio Doce, Mineração Rio do Norte, Billiton (formerly Shell, now GENCOR ), CADAM - Caulim da Amazônia, Liquid Carbonic, Texaco, BNDES, CPRM, DNPM, Banco do Nordeste, CEMIG, and others.
RM Consultoria Ltda
Rua Vice Governador Rubens
Berardo, 125/407 - Bloco II
Gavea, Rio de Janeiro
+55 21 2540-8715
       +55 21 2247-9330
       Cell phone: +55 21 9983-7490


Mr. Jerry Rus
Areas of Expertise: Manufacturing and services.
Jerry Rus obtained PhD in Business Administration from the Newport University (CA). He has combined over twenty years of experience in manufacturing and service industries. Currently he works as management consultant specializing in Business Planning and Strategy Development, Business Process and Financial Optimization, Risk Analysis, Forecasting and Activity Based Management.
Jerry Rus
JR Consulting
Postal Address
PO Box 1641
Mulbarton 2059
+27 11 432-4808
+27 11 432-4808
       +27 82 881-5932 mobile


Prof. Alfredo Russo
Areas of Expertise: Analysis under uncertainty for all types of Projects, Quantitative Risk Assessment, Project Management, Project Management Training, Budget Estimation and Forecast Preparation
Alfredo is a Professor of Project Management at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, and has over 30 years experience working both as a Project Manager in industry and as a Project Evaluator for banks and public agencies. He is now a consultant in the use of Palisade tools for Project Formulation and Evaluation under Uncertainty for Science and Technology Agency in his country. He also teaches Project Management for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Alfredo has prepared and evaluated business plans in all sorts of situations, including contract bids, project proposals, technical innovation projects, estimation of budget and capital expenditures. Furthermore, he has worked in a wide variety of industry sectors including chemical and petrochemical, government, construction and manufacturing.

Consultancy skills used to help client projects include:
· Project management
· Problem analysis, including use of Palisade's PrecisionTree
· Workshop facilitation
· Solution development
· Project planning and resource estimation, using MS Project and @RISK for Project
· Input and outcome risk modelling, using the @RISK Decision Tools Suite
· Financial management
· Knowledge transfer and training (including @RISK training)
Prof Alfredo Russo
Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
Roque Saenz Peña 180
1876 - BERNAL
arusso@fibertel.com.ar; arusso1@cvq.edu.ar


Areas of Expertise: Transport infrastructure and services

Transae is an economic transport consultancy company, based in France, which specialises in economic audits, quality control, risk assessment and risk management for transportation projects.

In relation to risk analysis, Transae's field of expertise is in the calculation of statistical, economic, and mathematical scenarios, including: contract choosing (Private / PFI versus Public), Budget risks (Capital Expenditure, Operating Expenditure), Revenue risks (dependent on traffic), Inflation risks, and Planning risks (delays).

Transae's clients include various infrastructure builders and owners such as Réseau Ferré de France (responsible for French railways), motorway companies and local authorities, and their projects encompass both freight and passenger transportation.

Ing. Jean-Eric MORAIN
72 Rue Jaboulay
69007 Lyon
+33 4 72 12 16 04


Mr. David Vose
Areas of Expertise: Oil, Gas and LPG Marketing and Production, Electricity Generation and Supply, Shipping Logistics and Acquisitions, Forecasting, Dairy Marketing, Project Management, Project Economics, Foreign Exchange Management, Banking, Engineering Economics, Forestry, Reliability Modelling, Epidemiology and Contract Risk.
David Vose is an internationally recognised expert in the field of risk analysis, with two popular books, some international guidelines, and numerous papers and book chapters to his name. David has a degree in physics and a post-graduate degree in physical oceanography. He first started applying risk analysis methods as a new projects analyst for an oil company in 1988. Since 1990 he has run his own consultancy, working in fields as diverse as animal health, food safety, insurance, corporate finance, railways, diamond mining, and project management.

David’s company is based in France but his team works on all five continents. He provides expert advice to WHO, FAO and OIE, and lectures in risk topics at the Harvard School for Public Health. He has also lectured in financial risk analysis at Aarhus University, Denmark and in project risk analysis at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. David is a dynamic and engaging lecturer, providing a range of public and bespoke courses and workshops from beginner to advanced levels in various fields. His consultancy services also include preparing and auditing risk analysis models, working with senior management to introducing risk analysis methodologies throughout an organisation, and providing an expert witness in court.

David Vose Risk Analysis Services
Le Bourg
24400 Les Leches


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