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The following individuals have extensive knowledge of some or all Palisade software products. Palisade has made it a policy not to recommend any one specific consultant. Consultants are listed below along with their qualifications and areas of expertise. Please contact the individuals of your choice to determine if they can help you with your specific needs. Please note that there are two pages of consultants.

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Mr. Timothy P. Anderson, CCE/A
Areas of Expertise: Operations research, cost analysis, cost risk/uncertainty analysis, decision analysis.
Mr. Timothy P. Anderson is a senior project engineer for The Aerospace Corporation. He currently supports the NRO Cost Group as the Aerospace lead for cost methods and model development. Mr. Anderson served for 20 years in the U.S. Navy and began working in the cost estimating field in 1994 while assigned to the Naval Center for Cost Analysis. From there he was assigned as a military professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, teaching cost estimation, operations research, and other technical courses. He retired from the Navy in June 2001. Mr. Anderson has a B.S. in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, and an M.S. in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School. He is a SCEA certified cost estimator/analyst, an instructor with The Aerospace Institute, and a frequent presenter of topics related to cost estimating and cost risk analysis at forums including the Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA), the Military Operations Research Society (MORS), the DoD Cost Analysis Symposium (DoDCAS) and the Space Systems Cost Analysis Group (SSCAG). Mr. Anderson also lectures on these topics at military, civil and commercial organizations including the Naval Postgraduate School, the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency, the Navy Cost Analysis Division (formerly the Naval Center for Cost Analysis), RAND and NASA.
The Aerospace Corporation
15049 Conference Center Drive, CH1-610
Chantilly, Virginia 20151-0823


Mr. James Andrianos, MBA
Areas of Expertise: Health Care & Human / Social Services. Single & multi-specialty practices, hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, self-insured employers, social service agencies, health plan administrators, insurers, governmental funding agencies.
James brings "Fortune 500" planning tools to the Health Care sector to help planners and practitioners derive high-quality solutions for both new and traditional problems.

With exclusive health sector experience since 1992, James draws on degrees in Finance (University of Chicago Graduate School of Business) and Decision Science (Princeton University) to meld medical economics, health care operations and quantitative analysis for decision-makers.

Tools include: Statistical Forecasting (@RISK), Optimization Methods (Linear/Integer Programming), Queuing (traffic) Models, and Trade-Off Quantification involving Subjective Criteria.

Applications: Optimize staffing costs ~ Develop risk-adjusted competitive bids ~ Measure the financial risk of contracts ~ Generate actuarial utilization forecasts ~ Allocate premiums across the care continuum ~ Refine provider recruiting plans with demand-driven models ~ Deploy capital resources optimally ~ Establish practice / enterprise valuations ~ and more.

Also available: decision support consultation & training for analysts.
Calculated Risk, Inc.
523 Pine Street
Suite 602
Seattle, WA 98101-1722


Mr. Ben C. Ball Jr.
Areas of Expertise: Portfolio Management Applied to Petroleum Exploratory Prospects, Management of Exploratory Risk in the Petroleum Industry, Addressing the Risk of Portfolios of Drilling Sites.
After serving as a senior executive of a major oil company, Mr. Ball formed the international consulting organization of Ball & Associates over 17 years ago. In addition, for the last 19 years he has taught and conducted research at MIT. He has consulted on four continents for scores of firms, large and small, and has written a book and dozens of articles on strategic and risk management.
Mr. Ben C. Ball, Jr.
1811 Trapelo Road
Waltham, MA 02154


Dr. Sam Bodily
Areas of Expertise: Financial Analysis, Capital Investment, Business/Product/Market Planners, Financial Risk Analysis, Decision Sciences
Dr. Bodily has extensive experience teaching decision analysis at IBM and to other executive audiences. He has written many instructional cases for risk analysis. His courses include intensive study of actual business situations and workshops that move from the classroom identification of problems to hands-on work, individually and in teams. Dr. Bodily will train in-house groups of 60 attendees or less on an individual basis.
Dr. Sam Bodily
Darden Graduate School of Business
University of Virginia
100 Darden Boulevard
Charlottesville, VA  22901


Dr. Anthony Broskowski
Areas of Expertise: Analytical solutions for the medical healthcare industries; developing management tools for a variety of solutions throughout the healthcare services.  Pareto Solutions operates within the health, mental health, and substance abuse/prevention markets.
They have been applying simulation techniques to client problems in the areas of organizational structure, management planning, quality control in clinical and management services, and financial management. Pareto has begun developing a series of @RISK models for these areas and feel that there are many additional opportunities for this powerful technology. In addition to model development and consulting, Pareto offers on-site training to help clients effectively master @RISK.
Dr. Anthony Broskowski
Pareto Solutions
1237 Avondale Lane
West Palm Beach, FL  33409


Dr. Jeff Brown, Oil and Gas Practice, Decision Strategies, Incorporated
Areas of Expertise: Oil and gas in the following areas: Prospect Chance and Volume Assessment; Concession/Play Assessment; Exploration Risk Analysis Software Models; Verification of Value Estimates of Prospects; Litigation Expertise of Value of Exploration Acreage; Performance Analysis/Lookbacks.

The Oil and Gas Practice of Decision Strategies, Inc generates value for its industry clients through decision analysis and risk analysis support, providing consultation, training, and software. The company uses industry best-practice methods to assure that results are consistent and realistic, and their methods are unique within the industry.

Dr. Brown (BS with Distinction in Geology, Duke University, MS, PhD, University of South Carolina) has more than 24 years industry experience, more than half of which is in this specific field. He is a Certified Petroleum Geologist, and during his career he has been involved in the assessment of chance of success, volumes, and value for literally hundreds of prospects, concessions, and plays worldwide.

Dr. Brown and his colleagues have used @RISK to build and market a unique collection of powerful and flexible Excel models that analyze prospects, plays, and other exploration opportunities. He has found that @RISK’s unlimited model size capacity, ease of use, and charting power add tremendous value to his analyses.

P. Jeffrey Brown, Ph.D.
4504 Amesbury Circle
Grapevine, TX 76051
       817-637-6189 (cell)


Bill Campbell, III, Risk Mitigation Associates
Areas of Expertise: Cost Estimating, Project Scheduling, Cost / Schedule Risk Analysis, Project Management, Finance, Mathematics
Bill formed Risk Mitigation Associates in 2004 because his experience in risk management had shown him that many companies experience systemic problems that prevent them from recognizing and managing risk. Bill’s education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business (Accounting), and both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Mathematics. Beyond that, he has had an extremely varied professional background. Bill has developed software and algorithms for computer-aided manufacturing, he has developed algorithms for GPS and deep ocean transponder navigation, he has headed a team of warhead designers, he has created cost models for oil production facilities, he has taught – and continues to teach - college mathematics, he has analyzed mortgage securities, and he has been responsible for risk management on large aerospace programs. Bill has presented papers on integrated cost and schedule risk analysis at many professional symposia, including the 2004 PMI Project Risk Symposium. Bill is also a professional, performing magician.
Bill Campbell, III
Risk Mitigation Associates
25516 Aragon Way
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
       714.394.2704 cell


cGxP Projects
Areas of Expertise: FDA-regulated industry, Project Risk Management, Product Risk Management, Product Development
Thomas Feldsien is a principal consultant at cGxP Associates, founded in 2001, to provide risk management and project management services to clients in FDA-regulated industry. cGxP Projects relies on Palisade applications such as @RISK, RISKOptimizer and PrecisionTree to estimate project valuation, quantify project risks, and analyze decision pathways. Use of these tools allows us to recommend a high probability pathway for optimal value, especially for product development projects. We also provide project management support for tactical planning and execution of projects once the strategic roadmap is defined. As a subsidiary of cGxP Associates, we have access to quality system best practices and regulatory strategies to quickly break through obstacles that otherwise might increase project risk. Whether you need to accelerate product development, optimize your portfolio, increase operational efficiency or compliance, minimize project risk or get a troubled project back on track, cGxP Projects delivers.
Thomas Feldsien
cGxP Projects

514 Carriage Way
South Elgin, IL  60177 


Dr. Edmund H. Conrow, CMC, CPCM, CRM, PMP
Areas of Expertise: Project Risk Management, Project Management, Cost/Performance/Schedule/Risk Trades, Monte Carlo simulations, Management Strategy, and Technology Planning/Assessment
Dr. Conrow is a risk management and project management consultant to industry, federally funded research centers, national laboratories, and government with 30+ years experience; on hardware-intensive, software-intensive, and mixed projects, with life cycle dollar ranges from several million dollars to more than $100 billion. His work has directly saved millions of dollars on several programs. Dr. Conrow has served more than 25 times as a risk manager and mentor to risk managers where he was responsible on a daily basis for implementing and making risk management work on a wide variety of programs and proposals. This includes all facets of project risk management, including but not limited to developing and implementing cost, technical performance, and schedule risk analyses, including hundreds of Monte Carlo simulations. Dr. Conrow has more than 80 professional presentations and publications on risk management and related topics, and his risk management related work has won awards at national conferences. He is a Certified Management Consultant (Institute of Management Consultants), a Certified Professional Consultant to Management (National Bureau of Certified Consultants), Certified in Risk Management (International Institute of Professional Education and Research), and a Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute). Dr. Conrow is an Associate Fellow and Life Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, , and member of the International Council on Systems Engineering. He is the author of the highly regarded book: Effective Risk Management: Some Keys to Success, Second Edition, AIAA, 2003 (carried by Palisade Corporation). He is also the author of the project risk management chapter in Harold Kerzner's best selling book, Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling; and the lead author of the project risk management chapter in Harold Kerzner's Advanced Project Management: Best Practices on Implementation. He holds a BS and MS in nuclear engineering, Ph.D. in general engineering, and M.Phil. and Ph.D. in policy analysis.
Dr. Edmund H. Conrow
P.O. Box 1125
Redondo Beach, CA  90278 


Dr. Ronald L. Cooper
Areas of Expertise: Management science modeling (inventory planning, queuing analysis, linear programming, Markov analysis, simulation); business forecasting (econometrics, time series analysis); statistical analysis and spreadsheet modeling (Excel, Eviews); Visual Basic programming

Dr. Cooper has served 15 years as a mathematician in energy technology planning and defense weapons systems at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He has also served as energy economist for the U.S. Treasury Department where he based in Saudi Arabia as advisor at the Ministry of Finance. He has prepared expert testimony for rate cases before the California Public Utilities Commission. Currently, Dr. Cooper serves as a business consultant to electric and gas utilities and as an instructor in managerial finance and economics and ethics at Patten College, Oakland, CA. He has a background in teaching technical subjects in a way that is understandable to those with little or no technical backgrounds. He is adept at finding practical solutions to complex business problems.

Education: PhD, Economics, UC Berkeley; Certificate, Mechanical Engineering, UC Davis.

Ronald L. Cooper, Ph.D.
44 Corte Royal
Moraga, CA 94556


Decision Strategies, Inc. (DSI)
Areas of Expertise: Oil & Gas – Exploration and Production– Development and Commercialization – Pipeline and Transportation; Petrochemicals and Specialty Chemicals; Information Technology; Life Sciences – Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices; Utilities - Electricity, Gas and Water; Airlines and Transportation Logistics; Automotive and Major Manufacturing; High Tech; Consumer Products

Decision Strategies is an international consulting group focused on creating and enabling client capabilities in decision-making, strategic planning, and project prioritization. DSI's primary purpose is to enhance the business value and work culture of their clients by enabling them to build and continuously improve internal capabilities in strategy development, decision-making, and implementation of results. DSI has offices in Houston, Atlanta, and Calgary with partners in other locations around the world.

Decision Strategies is unlike any other management consulting or training firm. DSI partners have broad-based experience and in-depth business knowledge gained from careers in the business world. DSI combines business knowledge with experience using Integrated Decision Management® methodology for conducting and implementing decision focused engagements within large organizations. DSI offers a transparent approach to quickly begin adding value to engagements and coaching roles with clients.

Contact: Gerald A. Bush
Office: (770) 392-1155
Decision Strategies, Inc.
7760 Sagebrush Drive
Atlanta, GA 30350-4734

Contact: David Skinner
Office: (713) 465-2345
Toll-free: (888) 343-6217
Decision Strategies, Inc.
11111 Katy Freeway – Suite 910
Houston, Texas 77079

Decision Strategies Canada, Inc.
Office: (403) 303-2886
300, 400 5th Ave. S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2P 0L6



Discern Consulting
Areas of Expertise: healthcare management & analysis, specializing in pay-for-performance, value-based purchasing, and managed care environments; decision analysis & simulation; ROI analysis; cost analysis & budget planning; statistical & quantitative modeling tools

Discern provides consulting services to satisfy the needs of the ever-changing U.S. healthcare industry.  Discern helps its clients in all aspects of transforming the healthcare system to improve its functionality and efficiency.

Specializing in the areas of pay-for-performance and decision analysis, Discern offers unique expertise in assisting our clients with the development and execution of several successful, national pay-for-performance programs.  We have developed numerous customizable, analytical tools for use in implementing these programs, such as ROI calculators, risk analysis, feasibility/readiness assessments, and benefit forecasting analysis (Quality Analysis).

In addition to our analytical expertise, Discern also provides services in project management, organization management, and strategic planning.  Visit our website, www.discernconsulting.com, for more information.

Guy D’Andrea
President, Discern Consulting
1501 Sulgrave Avenue, Suite 302
Baltimore, MD 21209



Mr. Robert J. Fares
Areas of Expertise: Exposure Assessments, Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments
Mr. Fares has spent over 22 years in training and conducting exposure/human health risk assessments for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE), state agencies, and commercial client projects. He has developed training material for the U.S. EPA (OPPT) on the use of Monte Carlo simulation to address model sensitivity and parameter uncertainty in exposure/human health risk assessments. He has also evaluated the use of Monte Carlo simulation as an alternative to point estimates of exposure in Superfund risk assessments for the U.S. EPA (OERR).
Mr. Robert J. Fares
Risk Management Initiative, LLC
20 Lyndhurst Court
Sterling, VA 20165


Mr. John Howell
Portfolio Decisions Inc
908 Town and Country Blvd
Suite 120
Houston, TX 77024


Dr. David T. Hulett
Areas of Expertise: Project Management, Risk Assessment and Management, Cost Estimating, Project Scheduling, Defense, Aerospace, Energy, Economics
Dr. Hulett's clients include McDonnell-Douglas, Raytheon/E-Systems, the US Army, the Air Force Space and Missiles Systems Center, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, NASA, Hewlett Packard, Phillips Petroleum, Mead Corporation, Harris Corporation and Lanier & Bradley. Dr. Hulett has lectured on risk assessment at the Defense Systems Management College, NASA Lewis, Edwards AFB and the Naval Air Weapons Centers. He has presented papers on cost and schedule risk analysis to many professional societies including the annual Risk Management training track at the Performance Management Association (PMA) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). He has held strategic planning and corporate development positions at TRW and TOSCO Corporation, an oil refiner with synthetic fuels projects. He also served in numerous federal government positions, including the Federal Energy Administration and Department of Energy. He was an Instructor in the Department of Economics at Harvard University, and earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University. He is a member of many professional societies, including PMI, the Society for Cost Estimating and Analysis, and the American Economic Association.

Click here to view "Schedule Risk Analysis Simplified," a slide show presentation prepared by Dr. Hulett.
Dr. David T. Hulett
Hulett & Associates
Project Management Consultants
12233 Shetland Lane
Los Angeles, CA  90049
      310.283.3527 (cell)


Domingo Castelo Joaquin
Areas of Expertise: Value-based management, Valuing projects with real options, Financial management.
Domingo Castelo Joaquin is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Illinois State University where he teaches undergraduate and MBA courses in Value-based Management and Spreadsheet Modeling in Corporate Finance. He earned his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. He has published articles on Strategic Entry and Exit Decisions, Cost of Capital, Decision Theory, Portfolio Selection and Capital Budgeting. His work of portfolio diversification has been cited in The New York Times, Money Magazine, and CNNfn. Domingo Castelo Joaquin is a consultant at Economic and Corporate Risk Assessment Consultants (ECR Consultants). ECR Consultants provides risk assessment training using Palisade Corporation's risk assessment software products, and consultation in the areas of Risk Assessment, Real Options, and Portfolio Risk. In addition, ECR Consultants provides consultation and training in the development of Forecasting Models and the translation of these models to @RISK models.

Illinois State University Department of Finance, Insurance & Law
Normal, IL 61790



Mr. Dennis Jordan
Areas of Expertise: Economics, Energy Industry, Oil & Gas and Risk Analysis
Collarini Engineering Inc. offers one-, two-, and five-day seminars in risk analysis and investment decision analysis. These courses concentrate on providing an understanding of concepts and methods. Courses open to the public are scheduled periodically throughout the year. In-house seminars customized to the needs of the customer can be arranged. All seminar leaders have an MBA complemented by an average of twenty years experience in economic analysis.
Mr. Dennis Jordan
Collarini Engineering Inc.
203 Carondelet St.,
Ste. 400
New Orleans, LA 70130


Jurik Research & Consulting
Areas of Expertise: Forecasting, Oil & Gas, Finance
Jurik Research was founded in 1988 in Silicon Valley and develops algorithms that identify and classify complex data. Now that the cold war is over, signal processing skills originally intended for military projects are now successfully applied to the commercial arena, ... and you, the public, stand to benefit. From forecasting the price of aluminum
futures to the cost of pumping natural gas across America, from predicting consumer food demand to sports results, Jurik Research innovated ways to "peek" into the future. Today, Jurik Research focuses mainly on the financial market. 

Mark Jurik, its founder, specializes in data modelling and time series forecasting methods. A lecturer and instructor for over a decade, his presentations covered both the theoretical and practical aspects of neural network technology. He created "NeuroTapes", a 12-hour video course on neural network technology that sold worldwide for more than a decade. Mark
lectured at 28 conferences and seminars and authored articles for Futures magazine and the Journal of Computational Intelligence in Finance. Jurik is a contributing author to the book Virtual Trading, author of his own book Neural Networks and Financial Forecasting and editor of the newly released book Computerized Trading, distributed by the New York Institute of Finance. .
Mr. Mark Jurik
Jurik Research & Consulting
P.O. Box 460669
Aurora, CO  80046


Mr. Duane Kexel
Areas of Expertise: Utility Forecasting, Economics, Water Resources, Capital Investments
Mr. Kexel has extensive experience applying @RISK to uncertainty evaluations for utilities and natural resource industries. This work has included electric load forecasting, oil production forecasting, and water resource planning. Mr. Kexel's uses of @RISK for load forecasting have been adopted by more than 20 utilities and have been published by EPRI. Mr. Kexel consults widely with both domestic and international clients, in utilities, government, and major lending agencies.
Mr. Duane T. Kexel
Power System Engineering Inc
2000 Engel St., Ste. 100
Madison, WI 53713


Mr. James Macrae
Areas of Expertise: Oil & Gas, Defense, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Information Technology, Transportation, Construction, Financial, and Telecommunications sectors of industry and government departments
James Macrae is the Executive Vice President of Euro Log Inc. in Atlanta, GA. Euro Log are the UK's longest established consultancy specializing in the practical application of Project Risk Management.  In 1975, Euro Log introduced the principles of Project Risk Management into British industry and have led the field in Europe in providing comprehensive decision support at all stages of the product life-cycle.  They also address Business Risk Management, a vital area of concern for those who have to translate the strategic planning of an organization into effective actions.  Euro Log's approach to all aspects of decision support combines the benefits of proven analytical techniques with those of a practical solution-based process for tackling problems.
Mr. James Macrae
Euro Log Inc.
6600 Powers Ferry Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30339


Dr. William J. McKibbin

Dr. McKibbin is a consultant to management specializing in strategic and operational planning, business modeling, risk analysis, financial engineering, systems integration, process design, project management, due diligence, turnarounds, executive coaching, and team leadership.

Dr. McKibbin's client list includes names such as Intel, Oracle, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Pfeizer, Guggenheim Capital, and others.

Dr. McKibbin has been in professional practice serving companies, boards, and executives in various capacities as consultant, director, and interim management since 1998.

William J. McKibbin, PhD, LLC
455 Windmere Dr
Suite 3A
State College, PA 16801-7671


Areas of Expertise:  Cost Estimation, Schedule Analysis, Risk Analysis, Earned Value Management, Program and Technical Assessment, Financial Management

MCR LLC is a professional services firm founded in 1977 to provide integrated program management support services to domestic government agencies, and through its subsidiary MCR Technologies, to private organizations and foreign entities.  We specialize in cost/schedule analysis, acquisition management, program and technical assessment, and financial management.  Our offices are located across the country in close proximity to our clients.  MCR’s outstanding staff of more than 300 professionals has educational backgrounds with synergistic skill sets in diverse areas including engineering, economics, mathematics/statistics, operations research, and computer science.  The MCR Training Institute offers a wide variety of courses in the company’s core competencies.

Contact:Jason Dechoretz
2000 Corporate Ridge, Suite 400
McLean, VA   22102

(703) 506 4600 ext. 218
(703) 506 8601

Contact: Neal D. Hulkower, Ph.D.
210 12th St S., Suite 806
Arlington, VA   22202

(703) 416 9500 ext. 231
(703) 416 9570

Contact: Ken Thomson
22299 Exploration Dr., Suite 104
Lexington Park, MD  20653

(301) 737 4600
(301) 737 4644


Mr. Don Mettler
Areas of Expertise: Technical implementation of new and existing business models, stabilization of Excel models, technical design of applications using Palisade's products, systems integration, Microsoft development tools (VB, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, C++), and technical SAP experience

Experience: Don started Mettler Consulting in 1998 to provide high quality technical consulting services to their clients. Their clients come from a variety of industries; this includes aerospace, pharmaceutical, consumer products, financial, manufacturing, technology, and insurance. His Palisade skills focus on the implementation of Excel-based models in production environments where the power of models can be utilized by many. This is accomplished in two ways. First, through the use of the Palisade developer kits, Excel models are replicated using technologies such as C# or VB.NET, into a callable component. These components can then be exposed to applications that run on many different computers or to web based applications. The enables the power of your business models to be shared among an unlimited number of users. For example Don designed and built an inventory optimization model that interfaced directly with an ordering system to adjust order quantities based on the model's findings using Palisade's @RISK and Evolver developer kits. Second, models can be rolled out to many users by standardizing, enhancing, and stabilizing existing Excel models. This way many individual similar models can be combined into a best-of-breed model and then deployed to groups working together.

Don is a graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Don Mettler, President
Mettler Consulting, Inc.
5700 Spur Circle
Norcross, GA 30092



Roy L. Nersesian
Areas of Expertise: Development of cases for @RISK, Evolver, RISKOptimizer, and PrecisionTree for self-instruction and use in the classroom. Am willing to work with software trainers and educators to select individual cases from manuals available from Palisade to prepare a specially tailored manual for classroom or training session use including information provided by the instructor.
Harvard MBA. Associate Professor at School of Business, Monmouth University in operations and logistics management and statistics. Author of books in simulation and global management (website www.nerses.com). Consultant to the shipping industry (website www.poten.com).
Roy L. Nersesian
10 Maryland Road
Maplewood, NJ  07040


Dr. Jayshree Pandya Ph. D, PMP
Areas of Expertise: Biotech , Health Care ,Waste, IT,Project/Program/Portfolio Management, Risk Assessment and Management, Strategic Planning, Bio-Energy, Project Audits, Change Management, Off-Shore Technology Development
Dr. Jayshree Pandya is founder and CEO of Texas-based Risk Management Consulting Company (Risk Group LLC).
Risk Group provides services in the areas of Portfolio Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management, IT Risk Management, Program Risk Management, Project Risk Management, Off-Shore Risk Management, Resource Risk Management and Contract Risk Management. Risk Group also provides Basic and Advanced Risk Management Training.
Prior to founding Risk Group, Jayshree served as CEO of Kaivalsoft, Inc and before that as the CEO of Shree Consulting LLC, a Wisconsin based Consulting Company.
Jayshree is also the author of “Advanced Risk Management course” and co-author of “Introduction to Project Management” course offered by PMI Houston. She is quoted in several trade journals, published numerous times in International Journals and is a recipient of a National Award.
Risk Group LLC
5403 Dunston Ct
Suite #100
Sugar Land TX 77479
       *Training information available at this site.


Dr. Susan Peterson
Areas of Expertise: Energy, especially oil and gas models: reserves, production forecasts, capital investment, and cash flow; General project investment and cost estimation models; Training and assistance in all DecisionTools products; On site classes for 7 people or more. Seminars for managers.
Dr. Susan Peterson has more than 16 years of experience working as a project manager, senior drilling engineer, and faculty member. She has been an associate of Jim Murtha since January 1999. Susan performs project-specific risk analysis and provides training on decision and risk analysis. She served as project team leader for a risk analysis and decision methods initiative, and was responsible for integrated risk analysis for full-field development projects, including probabilistic estimates for time and cost, selection of appropriate technology, strategizing terms and conditions, and overall project economics. Susan was assistant professor of petroleum engineering at Marietta College; she has PhD and MS degrees from Texas A&M University and a BS degree from Marietta College, all in petroleum engineering.
Susan Peterson
11923 Longleaf Lane
Houston, TX 77024



Dr. Ronley H. Plous
Areas of Expertise: Operations management, process engineering and medical consulting
KAYTRON is a progressive healthcare consulting firm that focuses on the integration of medical and engineering principles to the healthcare industry. KATRON functions as a virtual engineering consulting firm. The range of services spans all medical and operational disciplines within the healthcare delivery system. Dr. Ronley Plous is founder and president of KAYTRON. Dr. Plous is a physician and engineer with experience in academic settings, private group settings, and the corporate world. Ron is a Fellow of the College of American Pathologists, has been elected to the American College of Physicians, and serves with numerous other professional organizations.
Dr. Ronley H. Plous
12015 Pawnee Lane
Leawood, KS 66209


Dr. Patrick St. J. Price
Areas of Expertise: Pipeline integrity specialist with an emphasis on Oil and Gas pipelines, structural reliability, systems analysis, pipeline inspection and environmental impact; monitoring and maintenance planning.
Dr. Price is presently a consultant with URS Corporation, one of North America's largest engineering service companies.
Dr. Patrick St. J. Price
URS Corporation
2025 First Avenue, Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98121
206.728.0744 (cell # on voicemail)


Terry Reilly
Areas of Expertise: Mathematics and Statistics
Terence Reilly is the Gillette Professor of Mathematics at Babson College. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Oregon and was awarded the William's Recognition Grant for cooperative learning techniques in statistics. Terry has used the DecisionTools package in his MBA classes over the past years with great success. He has also given seminars on the use of PrecisionTree in the classroom and at national conferences.
Terry Reilly
Babson College
Math and Science Division
Babson Park, MA 02157


John Schuyler
Areas of Expertise: Energy & Minerals, Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail, Government, Corporate Planning, Economics, and Project Management.
John Schuyler trains and assists clients in risk and economic decision analysis and in project risk management. He has presented 2- to 5-day courses over 150 times in 23 countries. He has over 25 years business experience in consulting, analysis, and management. Using @RISK as one of his main tools, he trains clients in developing business and project models. Mr. Schuyler is a CAM, CMA, CMC, CCE, CPIM, PMP and PE. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in engineering and an M.B.A. He has written 2 books, 2 handbook chapters and over 40 articles.
Decision Precision
15492 East Chenango Avenue
Aurora, CO 80015-1703
800.214.3916 (US & Canada)


Paul Serex
Areas of Expertise: Business Planning and Modeling in the areas of Operations, Finance and Marketing with extensive analytical modeling using Microsoft Excel.
Paul Serex is a lecturer in Operations Management at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, where he received his MBA in the same discipline. He has held several senior Operations positions and recently was CEO of a multinational manufacturing firm. His business modeling design and implementation was a critical factor in several successful turnarounds and his analytical modeling with Excel produced simulations of business conditions that were essential to executive-level decision making. The models included @RISK and Linear Programming. Mr. Serex has held classes in Business and Analytical modeling to increase the productivity to analysts, production and administrative personnel. He is currently conducting regional and on-site seminars on these topics.
Paul Serex
3704 Mesa Lane
Bloomington, IN 47401


Steven Slezak

Areas of Expertise: Risk Management, Strategic Business Analysis, Operations Analysis, and Decision Analysis.
Since 1994, Mr. Slezak and the FinEx Company have provided clients with strategic consulting services built upon Palisade’s suite of software tools, especially @RISK, RISKOptimizer, and StatTools. Using these powerful risk simulation and analytical programs, FinEx Company provides clients a full range of sophisticated strategic planning services. Clients include health care institutions, investment management companies, agribusiness, commodities traders, and non-profit organizations.

Besides modeling and simulating business and financial operations, Mr. Slezak has prepared asset allocation studies for investment firms and developed commodities trading strategies for agribusiness industry. He has modeled and simulated multi-million dollar hedging strategies in fixed income, equities, commodities, and derivatives. FinEx Company is known globally for excellence and thoroughness.

FinEx Company has also taught clients the art and science of computer modeling and simulation using @RISK and other software tools.

Representative Projects:
2007 – Developed strategic business plans and financial analyses for major health care system and medical clinics; helped direct several successful efforts for millions of dollars of private placements of bond financing for major capital projects.
2006 – Analyzed market and production operations for start-up alternative energy company. Modeled structured finance for capital projects and strategic studies in health care industry. Modeled fixed income securities and portfolios.
2005 – Numerous structured finance projects and strategic studies in the health care industry.
2004 – Strategic financial analysis of business opportunities for aviation company moving into new business line. Modeled strategies for commodities traders in Chicago. Analyzed risk management strategies of derivatives trading firm. Analyzed $300 million hedging strategy in bonds and fixed income derivatives.
2003 – Simulated performance of high school math students in a large public school system. Modeled stock price sensitivity to changes in interest rates for publicly traded company.

Steven Slezak holds an MBA in Finance and a graduate certificate in investment management from Johns Hopkins University. Mr. Slezak is a member of the adjunct faculty of finance and mathematics at the California State Polytechnic University. He also taught in the Finance Department at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. He took a BS in Foreign Service at Georgetown University in 1981.

Steven Slezak, Director
FinEx Company. LLC
1395 San Geronimo Road
Cayucos, CA 93430 USA


Dr. William Strauss

Areas of Expertise: Financial and Economic Modeling and Simulation for Forecasting.

William Strauss is the President and founder of FutureMetrics, LLC. He brings more than thirty-five years of strategic planning, project management, data analysis, and modeling experience into the company’s stock of knowledge capital. FutureMetrics specializes in creating custom stochastic models for forecasting future outcomes. We have provided key metrics for projects in many sectors and areas including financial services, commodity pricing, aviation, resort development, land use, and alternative energy.

The FutureMetrics’ team covers many areas of expertise. Bill’s professional history includes executive positions as director, president, and senior vice president, as well as positions as senior analyst and field coordinator. He has an MBA (specializing in Finance) and a PhD (Economics). Bill is a member of the New England Complex Systems Institute, a member of the Eastern Economics Association, a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is a founding Principle Partner of Maine Alternative Energy, LLC, is an Executive Consultant for Aviation Management Systems, Inc., and is President of Lightval Mines, Limited.

FutureMetrics, LLC
PO Box 840
Bethel, ME 04217


Dr. Elaine Tatham
Areas of Expertise: Varied Applications including Manufacturing, Marketing, Capital Investment, Utilities, Government
Dr. Tatham has over 22 years experience in quantitative-based management decision-making. She is the president of a management consulting company formed in 1982 that also provides data collection and analysis services. She currently uses @RISK in her Univ. of Kansas graduate engineering management simulation class. She also teaches forecasting and mathematical programming to graduate engineering management students.
Dr. Elaine Tatham
ETC Institute
1501 E. Park
Olathe, KS 66061


Mr. Michael Wakshull
Areas of Expertise: Project management, software development, business continuity planning, disaster recovery.
Michael Wakshull has expertise is in software process improvement, risk management, quality. He is a co-editor of the Risk Management chapter of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® and reviews risk management books for PM Journal. His responsibilities are a lecturer and project management consultant for electronic commerce applications, disaster recovery and business continuity plans, for airport security and banking. Mr. Wakshull holds certifications as a PMP and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). He has presented papers on risk management at conferences for project management, information systems audit, and information systems security.
Mr. Wakshull offers three and four day courses in implementation of a practical approach to project risk management. Project Management Institute has licensed this course for presentation under the PMI name.
Michael N. Wakshull
P.O. Box 2210
Moorpark, CA 93020-2210
805.501.3388 cell
805.523.0864 cell


Mr. Thomas V. Watkins, Management Technology Consulting, Inc.

Areas of Expertise: Management process modeling, simulation and optimization, technology and business investment risk assessment, bid and proposal risks, Contract/project risk assessments. Specializing in Federal governement and military.
Tom Watkins and MTC, Inc. specialize in decision analysis to resolve business, technical, management, marketing and organizational issues to achieve lower risks, optimum efficiency and improved effectiveness in an environment of competition, budget constraint or increased demands on productivity and schedule. Tom Watkins, BSCS, BEEE, MBA, has 35+ years of experience in the hands-on application of quantifying management decisions in the military, government and commercial competitive business environments. Mr. Watkins has successfully managed government contracts totally more than $3 billion and provided management consultation on more than $29 billion in commercial contracts and investments. His expertise lies in being able to dissect and reduce decision problems to their essence, quantify the options and optimize the solution choices.
Representative Projects: Taught NSA, US Army, USDA and seven large businesses how to apply Balance Scorecard and BPR process optimization; Designed, modeled, simulated, optimized and quantified recruitment and training pipleine for Department of Defense; Developed risk assessments for nine government contract bids to justify investments or protests; Created and optimized business process models for numerous government organizations and commercial businesses
You can’t manage, What you can’t measure!
Management Technology Consulting, Inc.
Government Systems Division
198 Fulbright Court, Suite 500
Severna Park, MD 21146


Dr. Wayne Winston
Areas of Expertise: Varied Applications including Decision Sciences, Finance, Portfolio Analysis and Marketing.
Dr. Wayne Winston is a Professor of Decision Sciences at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in Bloomington. He has repeatedly been recognized for excellence in business education, including being named best MBA teacher on four occasions. Dr. Winston has written several books, including Operations Research, Decision Making Under Uncertainty with RISKOptimizer, and Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization, all available from Palisade Corporation. He is also an instructor for Palisade's DecisionTools Software Seminars.
Dr. Wayne Winston
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University
10th and Fee Lane
Room 570
Bloomington, IN 47405


Dr. Charlie Yoe
Areas of Expertise: Water Resources, Economics, Natural & Technological Disasters, Decision Sciences, Capital Investment, Financial Analysis/Budgeting, and Training.
Dr. Yoe has developed models for clients' specific needs in a variety of analytical, decision-making and risk management settings. He has also demonstrated risk analysis methods for clients. Dr. Yoe has extensive consulting/training experience with national and international groups and extensive years of teaching experience in academia, government and business.
Dr. Charlie Yoe
505 Bathurst Road
Baltimore, MD 21228-4010

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