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Palisade Launches New Portuguese DecisionTools Suite Version 6 Software in Brazil
New version of leading decision support package integrates with Microsoft Excel and Project, compatible with Office 2013 and Windows 8

Rio de Janeiro - abril de 2013. Risk and decision analysis software provider Palisade Corporation today announced the immediate availability of its version 6 DecisonTools® Suite package for Microsoft Excel in Portuguese.  The software has also been translated into Spanish and other languages.  Version 6 is a major upgrade that brings a wide range of improvements, including integration with Microsoft Project for analysis of project schedules, as well as compatibility with Excel 2013, Project 2013, and Windows 8.  These developments are important for companies looking to standardize their risk analysis efforts across the organization.  The DecisionTools Suite includes the market-leading risk analysis tool, @RISK.

“With Project integration, companies can now use the same tool to analyze risk in project schedules and cost estimates that they use for financial, operational, and other types of risk,” noted Palisade Vice President Randy Heffernan.  “We have also translated the full Suite of tools for our Brazilian and Latin American clients, and updated them to work seamlessly with the latest releases from Microsoft.  All this is important to our customers in the region who see these features as critical to their ongoing adoption of corporate risk analysis standards.”

Those customers include multinationals in the oil and gas, mining, utilities, manufacturing, and banking industries throughout Brazil and Latin America who face uncertainty every day.  Cost estimation, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, operational risk assessments, new product development, exploration — decisions in each of these areas carry an associated level of risk.  Where to invest?  What product to produce in what quantity?  What price to charge? 

Palisade’s DecisionTools Suite is an integrated set of quantitative tools that help organizations examine these risks, calculate their impact, and develop mitigation strategies.  Palisade software brings techniques like Monte Carlo simulation directly to Microsoft Excel, so that these powerful analyses can be brought to virtually any type of model.

Sergio Marchi of veterinary drug maker Vallée S.A. notes some examples of important decisions made using DecisionTools software: “Among the applications of the Suite in Vallée are decisions on the withdrawal of a product from our portfolio, investments in a new facility, and the likelihood of achieving monthly sales goals.”

Other important enhancements to the DecisionTools Suite include time-series simulation modeling for the analysis of uncertain time-series processes, such as commodity prices; improved graphs that make interpretation of risk analysis results easier to explain to others; and new tutorials and examples that enable new users to be productive in much less time than before.

For more information on The DecisionTools Suite 6 and to download a free trial, please visit: www.palisade-br.com/decisiontools_suite

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