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@RISK and Lean Six Sigma

@RISK is the perfect companion for the synergy of Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. “Quality only” Six Sigma models may fail when applied to reducing variation in a single process step, or to processes which do not add value to the customer. For example, an extra inspection during the manufacturing process to catch defective units may be recommended by a Six Sigma analysis. The waste of processing defective units is eliminated, but at the expense of adding inspection which is in itself waste. In a Lean Six Sigma analysis, @RISK identifies the causes of these failures. Furthermore, @RISK can account for uncertainty in both quality (ppm) and speed (cycle time) metrics.

@RISK provides the following
benefits in Lean Six Sigma analysis:

  • Project selection – using RISKOptimizer to find the optimal portfolio
  • Value stream mapping
  • Identification of CTQs that drive variation
  • Process optimization
  • Uncover and reduce wasteful process steps
  • Inventory optimization – using RISKOptimizer to minimize costs
  • Resource allocation – using RISKOptimizer to maximize efficiency

Lean Six Sigma methods are all about solving problems. When you start proposing improvements outside of the current wisdom, it is quite difficult to support a recommendation. The creation of a simple Y = F(x) model of an actual system, using @RISK and Excel, provides a platform that enables you to provide very accurate estimates of future performance that are very compelling to the executive leadership with little or no investment at risk. No other tools in the Lean Six Sigma tool box provide this ability like process simulation. All Black Belts and Master Black Belts can benefit from the use of simulation, particularly in transactional and service processes where experimentation and pilot testing is nearly impossible.
Rick Haynes
Master Black Belt and Statistician
Smarter Solutions Inc.



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